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Lomi-Atsu Massage


The therapeutic and detoxifying benefits of Lomi-Lomi and Shiatsu

Lomi-Atsu massage is an innovative approach inspired by two techniques. It is a fusion of Lomi-Lomi, traditional Hawaiian massage, and Shiatsu, manipulative Japanese therapy. Lomi-Lomi is practiced on a table with oil.

The long and fluid movements of Lomi-Lomi massage are applied to the forearms, elbows and palms of the hands, thus promoting muscle relaxation, while the application of thumbs to the specific pressure points used in Shiatsu facilitates the release of the deepest tensions. This massage is both therapeutic and relaxing; it helps to revitalize the body and loosen muscles to stimulate the free flow of energy.

To this is added a massage of the abdomen, the important benefits of which are often underestimated. It stimulates the functions of different organs and has a profoundly detoxifying effect, which helps the body eliminate metabolic waste, calm digestive disorders and reduce emotional stress.

**The abdominal massage is offered in a 90-minute session, unless other arrangements were made at the beginning of the session.

*Abdominal massage is offered during a 90-minute Lomi-Atsu session, or as needed in the 60-minute session, depending what was agreed to on the health questionnaire.

The benefits of a Lomi-Atsu treatment:

• Relaxes muscle tension (or areas of tension)
• Improves blood, lymphatic and energy circulation
• Helps to eliminate metabolic waste (abdominal massage)
• Helps to harmonize different physiological systems
• Increases vitality by stimulating the functions of the organs in the body
• Helps reduce stress and temper emotions
• Acts on various symptoms (headaches, back, stomach, menstrual pains, heavy and tired legs, stress points, insomnia, etc.)