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Oncology massage

massage oncologie

Forget cancer and enjoy the moment

Our oncology massages are offered by Johanne Latulippe, who specializes in oncology massage. The process aims to reduce stress, cancer symptoms and the side effects of treatment, such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain, neuropathy, isolation, changing body image, etc.

Its other benefits include:

  • Improved relaxation
  • Reduced sense of isolation
  • Familiarizing (or re-familiarizing) patients with positive human touch
  • Improved restorative sleep
  • Significantly improved mood
  • A chance to forget cancer and enjoy the moment

Johanne Latulippe is certified by the Quebec Massage Therapists Federation and has completed 300 hours of specialized oncology massage training. She offers empathy, respect and confidentiality while listening to patients. Johanne carefully adapts each treatment to the physical and psychological needs of each patient.