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Welcome to Concept Armonia,

a moment of well-being in the present moment.

Specialized Health and Massage Therapy Center



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With the purchase of a treatment of 60 min. And more … access to the indoor heated pool, sauna and steam bath is included.

Bathrobe rental possible on site

Good to know for the baths: Bathing suit and sandals compulsory. Silence required. Water fountains and hot tea at your disposal. No reservation required for the baths.

Offered services :


Taxes not included & Insurance receipts available


Swedish relaxation massage

30m / $ 60 45m / $ 85 60m / $ 110 75m / $ 125 90m / $ 140

The purpose of relaxation massage is to restore flexibility to the body. In addition to activating blood circulation, this massage provides overall relaxation that encourages letting go. Our qualified therapists take care to adapt their maneuvers in order to offer you a personalized service according to your needs. Guaranteed lightness effect for a healthy body!


Therapeutic massage or deep tissue or sports

30m / $ 70 45m / $ 95 60m / $ 120 75m / $ 135 90m / $ 150

Therapeutic massage, like deep tissue massage, is a targeted massage that specifically works on painful and problematic areas. It is the ultimate treatment to soften muscles, release tension and improve blood circulation. Our qualified therapists are equipped to respond effectively to your requirements.

Its effect is aimed at the harmony of the nervous system, the increase in oxygen supply to the muscles and thus promotes a better quality of life.


Pregnant woman massage

Same rates as Swedish relaxation or therapeutic massage

It is intended for women who have completed 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Massage therapy for pregnant women can be a way to relax and relieve her ailments in order to live her pregnancy well.

The table with a suitable cushion allows the expectant mother to receive a massage while lying on her stomach. Comfort guaranteed.



Same prices as Swedish relaxation massage

This therapy aims to help the body to balance itself, by stimulating the reflex zones located in the feet. It is a specific touch that promotes the maintenance of a good organic condition. In addition to the therapeutic aspect, foot reflexology brings a real feeling of relaxation. A moment of absolute relaxation!


Lymphatic drainage

90m / $ 140

Works on the immune system.

This therapy is a very gentle and superficial massage which aims to stimulate the circulation of the lymph which is our defense mechanism against infections. It is responsible for eliminating toxins and promotes the proper maintenance of the immune system!


Massage with hot stones and essential oils

90m / $ 160

This therapy of Amerindian and Hawaiian origin is a massage with basalt stones which are volcanic stones composed of pure lava.

This massage dissolves the tensions by the heat that the stones give off.

It is a therapeutic massage par excellence that allows deep relaxation!


Chair massage

At the center or during congresses and golf tournaments

10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes

$ 30 $ 45 $ 60

Lakeside massages offered in summer

Chair massage is a modern approach aimed at integrating its benefits in the workplace, during occasional events or as a complement to the massage table in the center. Therapists are able to apply a complete relaxation massage or therapeutic Swedish massage routine, as required. Brings well-being and vitality.

Price for groups of 10 or more… 15 minutes per person

$ 110 per hour


Please note: Body treatments by Armonia Carling on request

Depending on the availability of a therapist $ 199

Consists of a full body exfoliation and a Phyto 5 wrap of your choice. An hour and a half of pure delight! Skin liberated from its toxins, nourished and revitalized thanks to our moisturizer to close it all off.

Armonia Optimal


Face radiance

60m $ 120

Stimulates reflex zones, energy circulation and tones the muscles of the face, neckline and neck for a gentle relaxation.

Facial massage is a combination of linked techniques in order to offer a quality massage, and to obtain visible results in terms of skin texture and complexion, from the first treatment.


Choice of creams: Aromatherapy, specific, illuminating or anti-aging


Face and hair massage

60m $ 120

Head in the clouds !

The massage is carried out on dry hair or with sunflower oil

During the massage, the nerve areas are stimulated, generating a feeling of anti-stress well-being. A real moment of relaxation !

The hair is oxygenated and regains its balance. You have fewer migraines.

Our Signature Armonia Carling packages to choose from:

Passionata Trio: Massage, Radiance and Reflexology 180 min for $ 300

Reflexology and massage duo 120 min for 210 $

Duo lymphatic drainage and massage 120 min for 210 $


* A security deposit of $ 30 per massage is required to book your appointment

* Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to complete the health questionnaire.

* Please note that the cancellation fee of $ 30 applies to less than 12 hours notice or when you do not show up for your appointment.

* For your comfort we advise you to take a shower before and after the massage.

* Tips are not included in the prices

Every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Reservation required 48 to 72 hours in advance

(1) – 438-806-6067 ext 444

(1) -844-922-7546 Toll Free