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Trigger point training

Formation Trigger Points

A simple yet effective manual therapy

Neuromuscular trigger point therapy is the best way to soften muscles and reduce tension. It improves blood circulation, restores mobility, eliminates toxins, releases problem areas, improves sleep quality, harmonizes the nervous system, increases muscle oxygenation and improves quality of life.

Overview of neuromuscular therapy

  • • Easy to learn
  • • A well-founded science-based method
  • • Helps release pain
  • • Proven effectiveness
  • • Has improved the lives of thousands of people

Course details

Taught by coach and mentor Denise Guerra, the Neuromuscular NMT course is certified by the Ritma therapists group.

• Level 2 training
• Simplified three-step program
• Specialized approach to therapeutic massage
• Janet Travell method
• 180-hour attestation (90 hours of practical, 90 hours of theory, coaching and internships)
• Training costs $18/hour + taxes (a receipt will be issued for tax purposes)

Course objectives

The Neuromuscular NMT course provides an overview of how to treat muscular-skeletal pain and use myofascial trigger points. It’s an exceptional skill-building course for therapists who want to:

• Gain advanced massage therapy skills
• Lean and understand 80% of causes of pain in people from all walks of life

At the end of this course, you will be specialized in the neuromuscular trigger point technique.