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Massage pour bébé

Baby massage

Offer your baby the best of your love and see how this practice can strengthen the connection between parent and child. Parents will also have the chance to discuss topics such as baby sleep and crying during this workshop.

We always begin with a moment of relaxation. Then we teach massage techniques, with each parent massaging their own baby, at their own speed. We conclude by reviewing the techniques and going over the illustrated handbook.

DURATION: 1.5 hours per week

Baby massage is a great gift idea for friends or family. Contact us for more information.

Accompagnement aux proches aidants

Support for family caregivers

Familiarize yourself with comforting techniques to help people who are ill or at the end of life. Each individual experiences pain differently. Tension can build up in the body over time, as we face new situations. Massage can bring welcome relief.

This workshop will cover various easy and practical practices that you can apply right away. Special attention is given to respect for personal boundaries, modesty and the physical or psychological limits of the person who is sick or approaching the end of life.
DURATION: 1.5 hours

Rate: $85/person (plus taxes)

This is a group class for 4 to 7 people (with a minimum of 2 participants).

Massage pour couple

Couples massage

Ideal for couples, but also for friends and family. Massage is an opportunity to make someone else feel good, spend time together and connect with someone special.

This workshop will cover various relaxing massage techniques that are simple, safe and effective. Participants will receive a printed handbook at the end of the training session.

Private lesson for couples
Duration: 4 hours
Rate: $400/couple (plus taxes)

Semi-private class
Duration: 4 hours
Rate: $200/couple (plus taxes), maximum of 3 couples

Single person
Duration: 2 hours
Rate: $200/person (plus taxes)

Massage prénatal

Prenatal massage

Treat your spouse to a moment of relaxation with our special treatment for pregnant women. Your support and care are invaluable during this beautiful life experience.

We always begin with a moment of relaxation. Then your spouse will be able to lie face-down on a special table and you will be taught simple, safe and effective massage techniques to provide comfort to the future mother and child.

Private class
Duration: 2 hours
Rate: $200/person (plus taxes)


Self-massage – Discover the benefits!

Learn all about how muscles work so that you can massage yourself using a therapeutic stick. You’ll learn to relieve your own muscle pain—with no anatomy courses required. At the end of the workshop, all participants will be given an illustrated handbook showing the body’s muscle groups.

This workshop is offered by Denise Guerra, who specializes in neuromuscular trigger point therapy. We begin with an explanation of the various muscle groups and an assessment of your discomfort. Then we’ll explore simple and effective methods of treating problem areas.

Group classes
Duration: 2 hours
Rate: $100/person (plus taxes), minimum 3 participants
Included: Thera stick ($40 value) and an easy-to-follow handbook with explanations and illustrations